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Ms arina

About Ms arina

International athlete, and passionate about sport since a young age, my life has always been dedicated to sport. An intense pace between training and competitions that required a lot of seriousness and rigor in everyday life.

Thanks to my motivation, my mind and a perfect coaching, I experienced exceptional moments in the sport. Unfortunately, some injuries forced me to stop my young career and I decided to relaunch myself in Personal Coaching.

A world that I started to work with during my re-education periods (physiotherapy, physical preparation, bodybuilding) and in which I immediately took pleasure from great professionals. A world in which " self-transcendence, learning, sharing and well-being" are the watchwords, because YES sport has a significant positive impact on your life whether it is in health or mental.

Values that I have the great pleasure to convey, with passion and professionalism in each of my coaching, so that together we achieve your OBJECTIVES , who before being yours, are MINE !